About Us

What Make Us Different

A unique institution running for 38 years:

  • ‘0’ Resources
  • ‘0’ Full Time Management Team
  • ‘0’ Affiliation with any Instituition or Religious Body

Typical Motivation:

  • Health Awareness Cultivation
  • Promoting Social Responsibility
  • Collective Efforts for the Needy Community

Collective Cultivation:

  • Cultivating Rapport Awareness
  • Life-long Learning Motivation
  • Always take priority to the existence over forthcoming desires

Our Core Values

Our objective is to create greater community bonding across the board. With our vision, we can nurture personal growth together despite different cultures, religions and languages. Eventually, lifelong volunteerism can be an instinct to sustain a better living environment.


Encouragement of good deeds


Promote social responsibility


To mobilise and advocate lifelong volunteerism

Our Pledge

Live life with zest, respect and treasure life

Treat others with courtesy, do unto others if you want others to do unto you Be strict to yourself and be forgiving, set yourself a good example for others Respect the elderly and wise; help the poor and the weak

Be loyal to the country; pursue your career respectfully and fondly Serve the community; together we create a pleasant living environment Do not take others’ possession or look into their articles without permission

“Encouragement of Good Deeds” is a universal concept. It is not limited by cultures, religions, languages or countries; it can bring the world together.

Mr Eddie Tay,
Founder of Realm of Tranquility

Founder’s Message

A gem of inspired idea struck me in 1978 to instil the instinct of Social Responsibility into like-minded people, to gather them to think tank of what they perceive, conceive and envision the sustainable development of a caring community to pass it forward. This is the spark of setting up the
Realm of Tranquility.

We basically started as a Sharing platform, and then evolved into serving the needy by ways of visiting homes for the aged and providing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services. Further, we emerged as Giving via provisions distribution, meeting the basic needs of utilities for the needy families, and resultantly we have been receiving recognitions and acknowledgements from the local and regional community.

However, coordinating the efforts of volunteers at large from the speedy growth of great technological impacts is indeed very challenging to meet the escalating population of the needy. Given the reason of the escalating apathy and ignorance of personalised approaches and social networking, it gradually declines caring and sharing among beings. Therefore, Social Responsibility is the cornerstone of a caring community.

As such, we look forward to the little contribution made by each citizen, to enhance the welfare of the needy, health sustainability and lifelong learning, and to enhance value-added livelihood from social cohesion via sharing of Social Responsibility to sustain community bonding.

Our Song

Duty of Concern
Shall we have a better community
In extending our caring and sharing
So let’s play our role
To show our duty of concern
So let’s stretch our hands
Wholeheartedly to show our love
Our sincerity for our community
Because they need it for courage
You need it for progress and
We need it for a better future
Our love is for our community
Because they need it for courage
You need it for progress and
We need it for a better future
Therefore it is our responsibility
To call for a feeling of belong