Our History

Near 40 years ago, a Singaporean took the initiative to gather few like minded people believing in doing good deeds. Since then, Mr Eddie Tay, an entrepreneur, gradually established the Realm of Tranquility in 1978 with zero resources, and no affiliation with any Institution or religious body. Thereafter, ‘Tranquil Eddie’ was quoted in a column of 50th NCSS book in 2008.

Since then, Mr Eddie Tay formed a devoted core team in campaigning Social Responsibility Cultivation, aiming to mobilise volunteers to serve the escalating needy population locally. Subsequently, he extended to Malaysia and China in 2002 & 2010 respectively; the native has then devoted to our mission, and formed as Overseas Chapters on a common goal and are self-sustained financially.

Recently, Realm@Admiralty was established as a community project in 2014, accommodating a daily operation of Neighbourhood CM Clinic and a Caring Unit@North. Since then, CM related activities were organised for our patients, residents, volunteers and members etc. The Caring Unit@North aims to serve our neighbourhood needy and elderly who may need any other assistance besides having benefited from our food rations.

“Tranquil 2016” is an annual publication aiming to gather all de facto track records of all activities participated by volunteers at large with pride, and to create the awareness of developing a caring and sharing community. More so, our generous donors who have initiated the spirit of giving to inspiring; and to passing it forward.

Indeed, the four components of Sharing, Serving, Giving and Receiving (SSGR) have clearly defined the holistic mission of the Realm of Tranquility in action since day one.

As we are marching towards the 40th & beyond, your support in Promoting Social Responsibility would inspire the new generation to develop graciousness. With that, your generosity is our sustainability.

Our Milestone

4th Decade

After celebrated 30th Anniversary, a $500,000 fund from President’s Challenge 2008 was awarded to run a new project called Realm@Admiralty. An independent and self-sufficient 2nd Branch was established @ Dalian, China. Thereafter since 2011, Realm has received more than 110 China delegations and celebrated 35th Anniversary @ Chui Huay Lim Club on 12-12-2012. Later, Realm@Admiralty that runs a daily Neighbourhood TCM Clinic and provides food rations & financial assistance for the less privileged was established on 24-11-2014, and celebrated 1st, 2nd & 3rd Anniversary of Realm@Admiralty.

3rd Decade

An activity centre with a TCM Client @ Blk 1 Rochor Road, #03-536 Rochor Centre was established after vacated from 163 Choa Chu Kang Road, celebrated 20th and 25th Anniversary within the 3rd Ten years, and prior to that, an independent and self-sufficient Malaysia Branch was established, Mobile Free Clinic services were extended to Community Clubs at Sembawang GRC.

2nd Decade

Enlarging and enriching events for needy community, besides weekly events, annual events such as Care & Share Day were organised, a TCM Clinic was established @ 163 Choa Chu Kang Road to serve nearby residents, due to relocation, a new Mobile TMC Free Clinic was subsequently established to continue serving residents at Choa Chu Kang and homes for the aged and celebrated 10th & 15th Anniversary.

1st Decade

From humble casual gathering with a few like-minded people just for good cause to formalising a society in order to meet its legality in organising events, such as food ration and visiting Homes for the Aged.